Cat Don - Cat Ba site

Monday - 03/06/2019 12:29
From Cat Hai town and Cat Ba town on the road axis, visitors can stop to visit Cat Don site, Xuan Chim commune. This is one of the prominent archaeological sites at the sandy tourist site. The site is located in the land of Mac Castle, on a large mound, 100 meters from the sandy beach.
Cat Don - Cat Ba site
Cat Don - Cat Ba site

In 2003, Cat Don site was excavated and a large number of ceramic artifacts were collected, screening over 700 artifacts and all of these objects are not the same as the relics of Cai Beo belonging Sand tourist site or Bai Ben (Hien Hao commune). Through survey research, the date of these tools is about 2,500 to 2,700 years.

di chi cat don

Cat Don - Cat Ba site

Stone artifacts are grooved grinding tables, smooth grinding tables, stone millet, stone stones, especially ax axes with hiccups. Pottery objects are thin, simple patterns. Thick pottery, flared mouth, rope pattern.

In addition, some pieces of bone, animal teeth and scallop shells were also found. Show artifacts are stored at Hai Phong Museum and Vietnam Institute of Archeology.
Through the initial excavation of Bai Cat Don site, we must protect and promote the scientific value of the existence and development of inhabitants of the Northeastern Vietnam, especially the sea and island areas. Cat Ba - Cat Hai.

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